The Christopher Dean Sullivan Quartet, featuring Mala Waldron, Bobby Sanabria, and Jay Hoggard, epitomizes versatility and excellence in jazz performance. Sullivan's masterful bass lines provide a solid foundation, while Waldron's expressive piano and vocals add a rich, emotive layer. Sanabria's dynamic drumming infuses the quartet with rhythmic vitality, and Hoggard's vibraphone artistry introduces a unique melodic dimension. Together, they create a seamless blend of innovation and tradition, captivating audiences with their technical prowess and cohesive synergy. This ensemble's ability to navigate diverse jazz styles and deliver compelling, nuanced performances sets them apart as a distinguished force in contemporary jazz.

Mala Waldron

Pianist / Vocal

"When you hear Mala Waldron's soulful voice…, you realize ... Waldron is not only an accomplished vocalist and songwriter, but also a fine pianist who hits the keys with great precision, bringing various musical influences into the jazz realm." ~ George W. Carroll, eJazzNews

Jay Hoggard


“Jay Hoggard has long ranked with the greatest vibraphone innovators. Jay’s music is positive, spiritual, uplifting, and happy. He masterfully draws on traditional and contemporary musical vocabulary to develop new directions for the vibraphone.” – ALL About Jazz

Bobby Sanabria

Drums / Percussion

Multi-Grammy nominee drummer Bobby Sanabria hosts the Latin Jazz Cruise on WBGO every Friday. “Sanabria is a human rhythm machine who constantly propels and in the process lights a fire…” ~ Harvey Siders, Jazz Times